We are Friends for a_Dog

Inspired by Andy A_Dog Williams and we keep legacy alive by encouraging the creation of art, music and skateboard culture through the sponsorship of scholarships, grants, and day camps for talented youth with financial need. Friends for A_Dog Foundation hopes to further the recipients’ knowledge and expertise in these areas, while keeping Andy’s generosity and passions alive in the community he loved so much. FFA_D also continues to campaign for the critical need for bone marrow donorship. By hosting bone marrow drives and raising funds specifically for worthy organizations such as Mixed Marrow, we hope to educate others on the specific challenges that patients of mixed ethnicity face. FFA_D annually hosts A_Dog Day on the last Saturday in August in Burlington, Vt, to celebrate Andy’s birthday and disseminate his mantra of absolute kindness, profound appreciation for life, creativity in the visual and performing arts, and skateboarding.